The new album “Honey ant dreaming” is out now on a beautiful art-edition by the english label Alt.Vinyl!!
Ltd edition of 300 copies pressed on 180 gr. translucent vinyl in heavy hand screened sleeve. Includes full colour insert and download code.

from the Alt.Vinyl site:
Honey ant dreaming is the third full-length album by this Italian combo, following the release of the 7 inch split-series they shared with Yannis Kyriakides, Oren Ambarchi & Steve Roden. The music on this album is muscular, dreamy, evocative and occasionally percussive: this is an initiatory journey inspired by the strength of the Honey Ant Mural painted in 1971 by Papunya’s aborigines, an immersive trip through six tracks, created with a blend of guitars, electronics, percussions, beats and vibraphones. The layout is a beautiful art edition with heavy hand screened sleeve and 180 gr. translucent vinyl. Luminance ratio’s music can make you levitate, psychically and emotionally, the different ingredients creating a unique, huge, psychedelic stream of consciousness.

form ChainDLK review: [...] The Luminance Ratio have the immense weight of Ammon Dull, Ash-Ra Temple and the psychedelic inpiration of Kraut Rock. Their music is in resonance with atavistic sounds and guitar researches not to mention electronic sounds in the wake of OTO vibes. This LP is a ultimate trip into an unknown we missed very much in these years, it is a tool to get out from this planet[...] Only your ears can judge and immerse in this stargate shaped like a LP called “Honey ant dreaming”.

You can BUY it now!

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