Format: LP (with free download code inside), 12″ clear  vinyl 180 gr.
Release Date: May 2016
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LUMINANCE RATIO-YANNIS KYRIAKIDES (7″ SPLIT- ltd ed. 200 copies green vinyl – 33rpm)
[fratto9 under the sky rec - kinky gabber]
Format: 7″ green vinyl – Release Date: June 2014
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Format: LP (with free CD inside), 12″ coloured  vinyl – yellow, green and black
Release Date: September 2013
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LUMINANCE RATIO-OREN AMBARCHI (7″ SPLIT- ltd ed. 200 copies red vinyl – 33rpm)
[fratto9 under the sky rec - kinky gabber]
Format: 7″ red vinyl – Release Date: January 2013
7" split Luminance Ratio/ Steve Roden - cover
LUMINANCE RATIO-STEVE RODEN (7″ SPLIT- ltd ed. 200 copies blue vinyl – 33rpm)
[fratto9 under the sky rec - kinky gabber] Format: 7″ blue vinyl – Release Date: April 2012
“Like Little Garrisons Besieged” Catalogue: fratto010 [fratto9 under the sky rec - Boring Machines rec] Format:CD Carton Sleeve Release Date: Oct 2009


Gianmaria Aprile: guitars, guqin, sitar, pedals, recording, editing, mix Andrea ICS Ferraris: laptop, cymbals, electronics, percussions, pedals Luca Mauri: guitars, pedals, percussions, editing, mix Luca Sigurtà: tapes, pedals, loops, noise, electronica.

Luminance Ratio is a quartet which includes sound artists Gianmaria Aprile (Ultraviolet Makes Me sick, fratto nove records, Pipeline Trio/Quartet) and Andrea Ferraris (Airchamber 3, Ur, Ulna, Sil Muir), Luca Mauri (I/O, Two Dead Bodies) and Luca Sigurtà (Harshcore) who decided to join this project with the intention of going into new territories, far from their usual sound, putting themselves to service to an electro-acoustic research. The result is music can make you levitate, psychically and emotionally, the different ingredients creating a unique, huge, psychedelic stream of consciousness.

The first record is “Like Little Garrisons Besieged”, it brings them far from their respective discographies and finds them sailing in the apparently quiet waters of free-folk, electroacoustics and minimal drones. Featured on this release is Paul Bradley (Twenty Hertz, Monos, etc.)’s personal reinterpretation of their collective work, assembling an expanded “remix concrète” out of the single tracks.

In 2012, Frattonove and Kinky gabber released the first volume of the “Seven Inch Series”, a series of limited and coloured 7”, in which the band Luminance Ratio collaborates with different artists and musicians from the electro-acoustic and ambient scene all over the world. This first chapter features a track by the American musician, artist and performer Steve Roden. The second volume, released in january 2013, features Luminance Ratio with a psychedelic piece of music in between free-folk and ambient and the Australian artist Oren Ambarchi with a song mixing the usual warm frequencies of his guitar with a unique and evocative vocal part. Printed on a red vinyl, in limited edition of 200 copie. On june 2014 Frattonove and Kinky gabber released the last, at the moment, volume of the “Seven Inch Series”, a new split with the cypriot compeser Yannis Kyriakides.

On september 2013 the polish label Bocian Records released “REVERIE” Lp on green and yellow coloured vinyl.

In May 2016 the english label Alt.Vinyl released the album “Honey Ant Dreaming” in a very special art-edition (180 gr. clear vinyl, handpulled screen-printed cover).

The band is now working on the new album.