Luca Mauri

Luca Mauri was born in 1977 near Milan, Italy. From the age of sixteen he has played guitar in different band hardcore-punk/noise (Città Sotterranea, Idioti, MMK…) and approached experimental avant-garde music in the late 90s, with his solo-projects “00” and “looke”.

Luca has also played guitar in “I/O” (2000 – 2010), an improvisation quartet with avant-garde/free-form rock/minimalistic influences, by which he has released two records and has played live with a lot of bands (Liars, William Parker, Giuseppe Ielasi, Zu, Cul de Sac and so on…).

In 2005-2007 he has played bass/guitar/drums in “Two Dead Bodies” duo, devoted to tribal/noise improvisations. Between 2001 and 2006 he has played drums in a post-punk/funk band called “Kokoro Mayikibo”, and recorded a cd co-produced with the Italian label Mila Record.

Today, Luca is playing guitar in the electro-acoustic band “Luminance Ratio”, with Gianmaria Aprile (Ultraviolet Makes Me sick, Fratto9under the sky records), Luca Sigurtà (Harshcore) and Andrea Ferraris (Airchamber 3, Ur,Ulna, John Russel, Sil Muir); in the same time he also collaborates with the artist Eleonora Rossi in video/multimedia performance and installation.


Luca Mauri/ Matteo Uggeri/ Francesco Giannico – Pagetos (cd, boring machines/grey sparkle 2012)

Luca Mauri – Between love and hate (cd, creative sources) 2008

I/O – Polytone (cd, ebria records & fratto9 under the sky recs) 2007

Looke – Autumnsuite (mcd for download, nukesatoribanzai) 2006

Kokoro Mayikibo – s/t (cd, ludmila records) 2006

Two Dead Bodies (limited cd-r, afe records & bar la muerte recs) 2006

I/O – s/t (cd, ebria records) 2003

00 – s/t (cd-r, binaric records) 1999